An overview: two weeks at NTFC IFA
An overview: two weeks at NTFC IFA
Posted Wednesday 26th May 2021

During the Easter break we held a taster course and here is a guide to the sort of programme you can expect during your time at NTFC IFA.


Across the fortnight, NTFC IFA students accumulated approximately eight days of practical training and took part in two matches on camera, in addition to theory seminars about the wider world of sport. Students worked across two different training facilities and made the most of every minute they spent with us.


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students trained at Moulton College. The morning session started at 10am and finished at noon, followed by a lunch break. The afternoon session took place from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students completed training sessions at Borderville Sports Complex – home of delivery partner FCV International Football Academy in Stamford.

Training sessions are varied, giving students a first-hand insight into the life of a professional player. From passing and movement drills to team games and inter-squad matches, as well as activities that are tailored to each position, every player will be able to benefit.

In the case of injury, a medical professional is also present for every session.


On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, students participated in education classes ran by the Institute of Sport. They learnt about life in football clubs away from the pitch and different careers within the industry, from sport management to social media.

The Institute of Sport has more than three decades of practical experience in sport and delivers engaging courses that are tailored to the recipient, growing a large network of happy clients who have sought education in the sports sector.


Upon their arrival, students met former Lincoln City defender Grant Brown, who is the current head coach of FCV Academy and supported the delivery of the NTFC IFA course. In Moulton, training sessions were led by Fran Constancio, a popular youth coach from Northampton Town.

Over the two weeks, students also enjoyed sessions by NTFC IFA coach Colin Calderwood who found success as both a player and a manager, as well as other guest coaches who led either practical or theoretical sessions.


On both Wednesdays, NTFC IFA students played matches against academy teams from Northampton Town, facing the U-18s and the Football and Education Programme squad. Matches were 45 minutes per half and recorded from a high vantage point, creating professional footage which could be easily analysed and clipped for personal highlight reels.

Students also had a detailed analysis session that replicated what happens at professional clubs. This involved discussing topics and tactics that are used at the highest levels of the game, while tailoring learnings to the students’ abilities and needs.

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